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Why I'm Running

Why I'm Running

I’m a 20-year Malibu resident and mother of 2 kids who attended Malibu Public Schools from K-12th grade. 

I have worked tirelessly throughout my career to bring people together, empower the agency of individuals, and improve and change established systems to fit better the people they serve. I did that as PTA president, SAC representative, and Malibu Schools Leadership Council President, and I will continue that work as a school board member. 

The year I served as Webster Elementary’s PTA president was a year of instability - a school leadership change and contention that confused angered, and frightened the community. I found my footing by listening and effectively communicating the needs of parents and caregivers to successfully bring our school together. 

I’ve participated in bringing connection and collaboration to a community beset by the Woolsey Fire and months of COVID lockdowns. By engaging the community, listening to its needs, and addressing issues together, we can move forward even when we disagree. 

I look forward to bringing new energy and new ideas to the school board. 

I hope I can count on your support and vote! 

In community,

Stacy Rouse

ROUSE_Cover postcard_Nov2022.jpeg

Vote for CHANGE!

These are the candidates I support and ENDORSE for the school board.

Please vote for them too! 

(click on each picture for their websites)

Stacy Rouse 
Candidate, SMMUSD

Esther Hickman
Candidate, SMMUSD

Miles Warner
Candidate, SMMUSD

Angela Di Gaetano
Candidate, SMMUSD

I ENDORSE these great candidates for the school board. You should too! 

Please scan the QR code for more details on each candidate. 
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